Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls

Leftover Strategy

WP_20150216_015This dish used up the following leftovers: black beans, sweet potatoes, and shredded carrots.  I also added some cilantro, nutritional yeast, tempeh, sriracha, and salsa for an easy and delicious lunch.  You could also add avocado if you happen to have some around.

I seasoned the tempeh with smoked paprika, cumin, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and a little salt and pan fried it.

Adult Chocolate Milkshakes


Chocolate Adult Milkshakes

If you’ve ever wanted an indulgent, creamy milkshake but don’t feel like getting ice cream, this recipe is for you.  The combination of the coconut fat and vodka in a powerful blender produces a smooth shake.  Garnishing the glass with chocolate ganache and sprinkles adds to the decadence.   The chocolate ganache is coconut milk, maple syrup, cocoa powder and a little salt and vanilla.


4 cups ice

1 can unsweetened organic coconut milk (about 14 oz)

10 oz vodka (or to taste)

½ cup cocoa powder

Sweetener of your choice, equivalent to 1/3 cup sugar or to taste

Chocolate ganache and sprinkles to garnish (optional)

Put first 5 ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.  If using, prepare glasses with ganache by adding it to sides and rim.  Pour sprinkles on plate and dip rim in sprinkles to coat.