Review of The Art of Fermentation

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Sandor Ellix Katz’s Art of Fermentation; An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World may not be a vegan cookbook, but it does go into detail about how to do many fun vegan projects.  Within the last year or so, I’ve successfully made sourdough, injera, sauerkraut, and some fermented nut cheeses.  I have an attempt at a ginger bug (to make ginger beer) on top of the fridge right now, but for some reason, it’s never bubbled vigorously.  For all you ginger beer experts out there: yes, its organic ginger.

Since recipes/instructions for all the fermented foods I’ve made can be found online and fine-tuned with some experimentation, not everybody may find an encyclopedic book like The Art of Fermentation a necessary addition to their cookbook library.  Nevertheless, if you like having references like this in one handy place, The Art of Fermentation is a relatively complete guide to the processes of fermentation.  It might also be worth checking out from the library (if you can patiently wait your turn on the waiting list–the Hennepin County Library system has 10 copies and 43 requests at the moment) if you plan to set up a tempeh incubator or other such homemade equipment.

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