Vegan Food Swap: August


Almost as soon as I had the package open, I was munching on some spicy maple pepitas.  As I write this, I’ve been snacking on some spicy roast chick peas (one of my favorites).  I got samples of both in my August swap box.  But by far my favorite treat was the Lake Champlain Chocolates Grace Under Fire chocolate bar with pistachios and red pepper.

I thought it was funny to see the lip balm because just the day before receiving the package I had been bemoaning the fact that I didn’t have any good lip balm.  Lemon Cardamom is a good combo.  I have big plans for the Benito’s hot sauce.  I just may have to try a recipe for cauliflower “hot wings.”  I also like the VerMints (way cute tin).  They might be good for post-hot wing hot mouth, but I’m not convinced they will last until I get around to making the wings.  Oh well.

I’m a little jealous of Rebecca T. of Deeply Rooted since she has access to locally produced awesome vegan chocolate.  She put together a thoughtful and tasty box of treats.

If you’re interested in exchanging care packages with cool vegans from around the country every month, check out Vegan Food Swap. Click the link to find out more and sign up.  You could even try it for just one month if you’re not sure you want to commit to doing it every month.


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