Vegan Food Swap: September



Wow, every month I have a lot of fun with the vegan food swap.  This month, the first treasure I pulled out of the huge box that I got from Steffi D. of don’t fear the vegan was some VEGG.  I haven’t seen it around here and had almost forgotten about it, but now I will get to try it.  Next, I pulled out a Sin Dawg.  I had never heard of it before, but it was amazing.  Wow.  I highly recommend them.

The white chocolate chips would be very good in some cookies with macadamia nuts.  Not sure if they’ll make it though because I keep mixing a small handful of those with a handful of nuts for a little snack.  Also in the chocolate department is a Theo chocolate bar.  Definitely delicious.  If the Twin Cities has a local chocolatier that makes vegan chocolate, I don’t know about it.

I’m curious about the aardvark hot sauce and I know the primal strip is going to come in handy for an easy snack at some point.

If you’re interested in exchanging packages of delicious goodies with cool vegans from around the country every month, check out Vegan Food Swap. Click the link to find out more and sign up.  You could even try it for just one month if you’re not sure you want to commit to doing it every month.

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